Benefits of Breastfeeding

Benefits of Breastfeeding

Dear breastfeeding mothers,

Examinations have shown us that children who have been breastfed, grow up to be smarter, healthier and stronger. But there are also a lot of fun facts about the subject.

I have gathered 10 fun facts here::


  1. You burn a lot of calories

If only we had the same calorie consumption our entire lives as when we breastfeed. Normally, you burn 500 calories just by producing milk for your child. After having given birth myself, the kilos fell off me, so the big calorie consumption is definitely a true story.


  1. Breastfeeding can cause cramps

When breastfeeding, you trigger a hormone which can cause cramps in your uterus. To be honest, its not very pleasant, but it's actually good for your uterus. It helps your uterus stretch back to normal size.


  1. The milk is transported through different chanels

Even though it may feel like the milk is coming out trough on big chanel, it really is transported through a lot of small ones. There are typical between 4 – 20 chanels in each breast.


  1. Hearing the baby cry can cause your milk to flow

Normally, the child's sucking will trigger a hormone, making the milk flow, but less can also trigger you. Pictures of babies or the sound of a child crying, can also trigger the hormone.


  1. You can get addicted to breastfeeding

Some studies show that it’s possible for women to get addicted to the comforting feeling you can get from breastfeeding. But there is nothing that suggests that it’s a strong addiction.


  1. Breast milk have healing powers

Breast milk contains antibodies, which protects the baby from infections. This means, in case of diaper itching or other mild irritations, all you need is a few drops of breast milk.


  1. Fast and slow eaters

Breastfeeding a newborn baby can take up to 5 – 40 minutes. Breastfeeding takes time!


  1. Boys need breastfeeding more than girls

Studies show that average babyboys breastfeed more than girls. Nobody knows why this is the case though.


  1. Breastfeeding decreases your chance of getting cancer

For each year you breastfeed, you decrease your chances of getting breast cancer by 6%. Longer breastfeeding periods also decreases your risk of getting cancer in your uterus.


  1. Breastfeeding saves you a lot of money

American surveys show that a breastfeeding mother in USA saves between 1400-2100$ by nursing her child, instead of buying a milk replacement. I don´t know if the numbers are the same in Europe, but there is definitely are big difference.

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Written by Adelaide, Founder of Milker 

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