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Baby & Toddler Envelope-neck vest long sleeved, organic wool

$ 34.98 CAD
Baby/Toddler envelope-neck vest long sleeved, fine rib

Features: The wool hair is a protein fiber and similar to the human skin in ist composition. Wool is having an excellent heat retention, is regulating perspiration and the oxygen exchange. Wool is moisture regulating, this means, it can take up to one third of ist own weight and transport it back to the outside. The fine virgin wool used for ENGEL-underwear originates from merino sheep, which live on certified organic farms. Merino wool is crimped very finely, does not itch and feels soft and fluffy. Most of these articles are certified by IVN-Best-guidelines, which means that they are being produced by the strictest ecological and social standards in Germany.

Color: Red melange/Natur

Care instructions: Wool is dirt-repellant and regenerates by airing. Wool should be washed by hand very gently in lukewarm water. Do not wring or rub it, because then it can become felted. Many of our articles are machine washable. They can be washed in the washing machine at 30°C, using the wool wash cycle. We absolutely recommend to use a suitable wool detergent which protects the fiber.

Material: 100% virgin wool

Manufacturing country: Germany

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