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Baby & Toddler pants long with waistband, organic wool/silk

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Baby/Toddler pants with waistband, fine rib

Features: The blend of finest organic merino virgin wool with delicate mulberry silk (70%/30%) shows the advantages of every single fiber and is providing a comfortable and long-lasting wearing comfort. Merino wool/silk-blends support a healthy skin climate, there is no risk of heat build-up and they are temperature regulating – they warm the skin up when it is cold and cool the skin down when it is hot. Most of our wool/silk-articles are GOTS-certified, which means that they are being produced by the strictest ecological and social standards in Germany.

Color: Wool natural

Care instructions: Wool/silk is dirt-repellant and regenerates by airing. Wool/silk should be washed by hand very gently in lukewarm water. Do not wring or rub it, because then it can become felted.

Material:70% virgin wool 30% silk

Manufacturing country: Germany

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